About Us


I’m Roper Gray, mom to step daughter Dakota, my daughter Bitleigh, stepson Levi, our little Rowdy Howdy, and our sweet new baby girl Honey! I live in Shawnee, Ok, with my significant other Ryan and absolutely love everything DIY and western fashion. 

The Primpin' Cowgirl, has been a long time in the making. I've always wanted a boutique, since I could remember. I would go to rodeos and think the girls that brought their shops to shows with them were living the life! 

I first opened up doing necklaces with my daughter as a hobby under a different name. Then one day while looking for nose rings, I wondered if there was a way to make my own cute nose rings, because there was nothing that fit my style! Enter my creation of, The Original Beaded Nose Ring. I poured every moment I could on learning how to get these things to stay! I've tried every glue and adhesive I could to get the best wear out of my nose rings. Now after four years, I think I've finally got the hang of it and plan to release a ton of new designs. 

The Primpin' Cowgirl name is credited to my granddad. Ever since I could remember going to rodeos, he'd come banging into the horse trailer and yell "Oh the little Primp, she's gotta get cute for all the cowboys. Just a Primpin little Cowgirl!" and ever since then, it's pretty much been my whole persona. I live for everything Western Fashion. Whether it was getting my Daughter Bit into modeling, to finding my own little niche with my nose rings. 

It's been a long road and after losing my dad and my granddad, I didn't think this little boutique was going to survive, but thankfully from encouragement from my boyfriend Ryan, I launched my website and y'all honestly blew me away with the love of my nose rings. I hope y'all love them and I can't wait for y'all to help my little shop grew.  



 Roper Gray