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The Primpin’ Cowgirl

Blood of Our Enemies

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I know this is just a solid, but man is this blood red such a beautiful color! Especially to bring all of your bloody outfits to life! 

How to Order:

1. Make sure to know what gauge your nose ring is. I keep in stock 18g, 20g, and 22g. If you don’t know your gauge, I recommend the 20/22g.

2. Make sure you pay attention to the fit. I have nose rings from 6mm to 10mm.

I naturally don’t use 6mm unless asked. These will be your nose rings that will hug your nostril. Most girls piercings are too far up to use, so these are made custom only. 8/10 mm are your general sizes. If you like your nose ring close pick an 8mm. If you like it off the nostril use a 10mm. 12mm I recommend for girls with higher up piercings and thicker noses. 

3. Make sure you get a pattern you love! Our best seller is our serape nose ring, but we can do customs! And remember, we don’t do refunds or exchanges. So please be sure to really pay attention to your selections. Nose rings aren’t something we can resell, so please be mindful of that. Thanks again for shopping our products!